CSR and envirionmental sustainability - Professional cleaning Equipment

Corporate social responsibility

At MAFS, we find it essential to incorporate corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability initiatives in our business model. These initiatives are aimed at the integration and visibility of the most disadvantaged groups, such as disabled, groups at risk of social exclusion (gender violence woman, ex-drug addicts…), labor exclusion (those older than 45, long-term unemployed…), immigrants…

¿How do we do this?

We provide cleaning and hygiene training programs in order to stimulate labor integration and make visible the primary role of women in society. In this programs, we give training in specific cleaning and hygiene matters such as the use products and cleaning equipment. We want our programs to give the highest possible qualification for labor integration.

Commitment to environment

As an organization, we are committed to the necessity of building a clean, healthy and safe environment through actions and innovations which minimize environmental impact. In MAFS we build corporate values which are focused on environmental sustainability including saving water, minimizing the use of aggressive chemical products, using reusable and recyclable components and improving indoor air quality.