Whether you need cleaning machines to support your current cleaning equipment or for occasional events, in MAFS we put at your disposal a huge variety of machines: scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, high pressure washers...

This are some of the reasons for renting cleaning equipment:

  • Supporting your current cleaning equipment
  • New business or start-up
  • Demand changes for seasonal matters
  • Post-event
  • Adjusted budget

Why renting MAFS cleaning machines?

If you think in renting cleaning equipment, in MAFS we offer the best assesment adapted to your needs.

There are numerous reasons to rent cleaning machines. Whether you only need cleaning equipment several times in a year or you only want to reduce your investment, renting can be the best way to optimize your resources and increase benefits.

Choose cleaning equipment with up to date maintenance

Even the best machines are useless without a good tracing and maintenance. Our technicians make sure all our machines are always prepared for a performance at maximum capacity. All the machines we work with are checked-up regularly so that you never have downtimes while using them.

Different options according to your needs

Every location and floor has different requirements for an optimal performance. This is why in MAFS we offer a huge variety of cleaning equipment to make sure that you can always find the machine which fits best your needs. We have high performance cleaning machines for all your needs, able to thoroughly clean any commercial or industrial surface.

Customer service matters

Should i run an electric scrubber or powered by batteries? Would a walk-behind-scrubber or a rider scrubber adjust better to my needs? Which is the best machine for my floor?
Our technicians are always at your disposal to assess your needs and help you to find the best machine.

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