Ventajas de usar baterías de litio en maquinaria de limpieza

Advantages of using lithium batteries on cleaning equipment

There are many types of batteries nowadays in the cleaning equipment market, but it is lithium technology that is causing the hype. Despite its high cost in comparison with other batteries, it is convenient to know its advantages and take them into account when changing the batteries of our machines. Either they are scrubbers, sweepers, scrubber-sweepers…

Lithium batteries rise in popularity as an alternative for small and medium cleaning equipment. You may know if they are the best option for you by reading the following advantages:

They don't require maintenance

Acid batteries need to be refilled with water, whilst lithium ones do not. Additionally, lithium batteries can't be opened, so they cannot be incorrectly manipulated and they do not emit harmful gases or vapors. Then, required maintenance for batteries to work correctly is minimum, and we will not need to offer more training to operators so water levels are always the optimal.

Speed and ease of charge

Lithium batteries allow faster charges due to their superior estate of charge. This is translated in a reduction of downtimes when machines are stationed for charge. In facilities with big loads of work, the less the charge times, the more the work times of the machine.

Also, lithium batteries can be charged at convenience. They allow intermediate charges, so we don't have to wait until the battery has been completely discharged to start to charge it. This way, we do not need to organize cleaning tasks around battery charges so machines have complete charges. This also implies less training for team members.

Longer useful life

Lithium batteries useful life is up to 3 times larger than that from acid batteries, and they can last up to 6 years. With a larger useful life, you save costs associated to battery change and maintenance.