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Everything you need to know about your scrubber's squeegees

What is the function of your scrubber's squeegees?

Scrubber squeegees are an essential element that we cannot forget if we want to guarantee the efficiency and performance of our professional scrubber. They collect water and dirt which is accumulated in the floor and clean everything up. If our squeegees lack of proper maintenance or present defaults they may leave lines of dirt, traces of waste or even filter the water they collect.

Squeegees useful life goes from 3 to 6 months depending on the frequency of use, the type of task they are used for and as long as they have a regular and proper maintenance.

With these instructions, you will achieve maximum efficiency and performance on your scrubber's squeegees:

When making the purchase, we must choose those squeegees which have been specifically designed for our machine, since if they don't fit perfectly, water could get spilled through the holes. It is also important to choose the correct material to clean the floor or surface we are facing in order to achieve efficient water collection.

Once we have the squeegees of our scrubber on our hands, we must make sure they are perfectly cut. Any fault or defective cut could cause water spillover. If this happens, collected water will be filtered leaving traces of dirt and wet floors which could finally result in slip and fall accidents. Additionally, using well-cut squeegees will make us save water, since we will perform the cleaning tasks in less time and without re-work.

As a daily maintenance task, we must clean and wash out the scrubber's squeegee after every use. Avoiding this task will leave traces and lines of dirt when cleaning as a result.

Additionally, scrubber squeegees are reversible. This means that we can rotate them regularly in order to take advantage of its 4 tips. It will be enough with just turning them around as they wear out due to use.

When performing the cleaning tasks, we must check that the squeegees make an adequate angle with the floor. A large angle could decrease the real width of the squeegee and we would collect less dirt and water. This would translate in more working time in order to perform the cleaning tasks. Also, a larger angle could leave water spillovers, causing dirt traces on the squeegees sides and wasting water.

How can i know if i am performing well the maintenance of my scrubber's squeegees?

If your machine finds its cleaning path reduced, leaves traces or lines of dirt or spills water, it is possible that your scrubber isn't working at its maximum performance due to squeegees improper maintenance.

Remember that the key resides on water collection and the cleanliness of squeegees. If you follow the instructions above, you will always achieve the maximum performance from your squeegees.