La revolución en la maquinaria de limpieza MAFS

The cleaning machinery revolution
We all know that technology is growing faster than ever. Computers, the Internet of things, robotics and other types of automation are changing the way companies operate, from the way products are manufactured and distributed, to the way people work and types of work they do. And as technologies evolve, they generally become more affordable, more advanced and more universal.

Since the middle of the last century, companies have realized the value of machines to complete simple, repetitive, heavy and dangerous tasks, as well as how they can create opportunities for employees and free them to devote time to tasks of greater value. Any industry that includes redundant and repetitive tasks in its operations can gain a significant advantage by harnessing the power of mechanical machines.

In addition, the machinery helps companies to be more competitive and saves costs.

Yes, but ... What can cleaning machines do for your business?

This type of professional machinery offers a wide range of commercial benefits, depending on the needs of a company.

Mechanical cleaning machines can address these challenges by increasing the speed and consistency of cleaning, using performance tracking to optimize resources, reduce employee turnover, etc ...

Cleaning machines are ideal for many types of industries and environments, including, among others, department stores, shopping centers, airports and supermarkets.

However, despite the advantages, the purchase of a cleaning machine is not necessarily the most correct option for all companies. Since machines require a space, a company needs to determine if its environment is conducive to machinery. Working closely with an experienced and service-oriented consultative partner can help you assess your situation and unique objectives, and determine what type of cleaning and service machine makes sense to you.

At MAFS-Interlimp we put at your disposal a great team of professionals that will analyze the characteristics of your business or company, helping you choose the cleaning machine that best suits your needs, training personnel on the use and maintenance of the machine, and If you do not have space, we offer the service of cleaning machinery rental.
Some practical advantages of cleaning machines:

•	Increase productivity.

• Free workers to put more of their effort and attention on tasks of greater importance.

• They allow cleaning teams to work faster and more efficiently.

• Reduce accidents and errors due to human failures.

• They are programmed to be reliable and consistent.

• Many of today's mechanical cleaning machines offer the latest in sustainable cleaning solutions, technologies and equipment, as well as their non-robotic counterparts.

• They can help companies reduce their environmental impact and create a cleaner and healthier workplace.

• Current machines require less water and less chemicals, which saves money on supplies and reduces downtime, which makes cleaning equipment more productive.