Consejos a la hora de comprar fregadoras de segunda mano

What to think about when buying pre-owned scrubbers

Whenever it comes to buying a scrubber – either for our facilities or offering cleaning services – we will probably meet up to discuss the Budget and the different payment methods available. Pre-owned scrubber can be a very smart choice, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. Following the instructions from this article you will surely make a good purchase.

As we would expect, the biggest advantage of buying pre-owned scrubbers is the cost reduction. Buying used scrubbers we can opt to a superior model which otherwise, we wouldn't be able to purchase with the same budget.

But used scrubbers may also bring inconveniences if we miss some details. The main attributes we will look for when buying pre-owned scrubbers is reliability. If we don't find a reliable machine and supplier, the purchase could be even more expensive than a new one due to the costs which could arise from repairs, breakdowns or consumables we had to change.

Following the instructions below you will find a high-quality pre-owned scrubber at the best price:

Search a reliable supplier to buy your used scrubber

Before buying pre-owned scrubbers, do your research. Look for trustworthy suppliers and make a study about the chosen companies. We must look for a consolidated a company with a good and well-reputed customer service. It is then when you can choose the most reliable company from whom you can make your purchase. A company with good reputation will be authorized by its supplier to sell and repair its products. Buying used scrubbers from unauthorized companies could result in a very bad choice, since it could evade its responsibilities after the sale or miss the knowledge to service maintenance and repair activities.

Ask about the batteries condition

Batteries usually need to be replaced after a period of time, and they can be extremely expensive, especially in rider scrubbers. Knowing the condition of the machine's batteries or if they have been changed for new ones will make you save costs.

Check the age of the used scrubber

Knowing the age of pre-owned scrubbers is very important. Obsolete scrubbers consumables and spare parts may be impossible to find or extremely expensive. In case of breakdown, spare parts could take a long time to get from a supplier. Additionally, using obsolete spare parts which don't fit properly in the machine could result in safety problems and expensive repairs. Some scrubbers and sweepers incorporate an hour meter. We can check here if this is the case.

Make sure the machine has a guarantee.

Quality suppliers must sell used machines with a guarantee. This way you ensure that the machine you are buying is in good conditions and gain peace of mind. In MAFS we offer 6 months guarantee for every single pre-owned machine sold.

Repair history

Pre-owned machine have usually been serviced for repair and maintenance by the company you are buying from. If this is the case, you may ask for the scrubber's repair history. A regular maintenance and repair service tells us that machines have been well looked after and their useful life will be extended. You could also benefit from this if you wanted to resell the machine in the future.

In MAFS, our principal activity is cleaning equipment management, from the sale or rent of the machines to repair, maintenance and advice services.

Ask for images which show the actual condition of the machine.

Pre-owned scrubbers and sweepers will surely won't look new and will show imperfections due to use. Ask your supplier for photos so you can see the machine's condition. This way, you will save a lot of time if you aren't looking for this type of machine and you will be able to look for other options sooner.

After you have done all this, when getting in contact with your chosen supplier, we recommend you to indicate the use you are going to give to the machine, facilities or client's characteristics, type of dirt, frequency of use, dimensions of the facilities... This way your supplier will be able to offer you personalized advice and make sure you find the machine you are looking for.

In MAFS we always make the necessary questions in order to help you find the machine which most adapts to your needs. We study your case with no compromise and make a demonstration if needed. Our team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and will offer you the best cleaning solutions.